Blogmas Day 18: Merry Christmas from Pro Clerking and GVO + Exclusive Discount Code

Welcome to day 18 of Blogmas! Today is the last day of this year’s Blogmas series – I hope you’ve found the posts helpful and, as always, we always welcome comments or feedback!    To end this year’s series, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year for 2022 from Pro Clerking and GVO.  As a Christmas gift here’s an exclusive discountContinue reading “Blogmas Day 18: Merry Christmas from Pro Clerking and GVO + Exclusive Discount Code”

Blogmas Day 17: Blogmas 2021 Overview

Welcome to day 17 of Blogmas! Only a couple of days of this year’s Blogmas series to go now so I thought we’d start to wrap things up with an overview of all the posts we’ve covered:  Wednesday 1st December Day 1: Welcome and What to Expect  Thursday 2nd December Day 2: The Head, Chair and Clerk Working Relationship  Friday 3rd December Day 3: Minute Typing BuzzContinue reading “Blogmas Day 17: Blogmas 2021 Overview”

Blogmas Day 16: Paper Free Governance

Welcome to day 16 of Blogmas! In today’s post we’ll be looking at the benefits of and some of the ways in which you could consider taking governance in your setting either partly or fully paper-free.  As we all know, the elephant in the room (ahem Covid), has stepped up our use of technology for everything from online meetings to cloud-based filing and even virtual Ofsted visits!  Chances are you’re already using some kind of online platform to share information and connect withContinue reading “Blogmas Day 16: Paper Free Governance”

Blogmas Day 15: New Year’s Resolutions for Clerks (Part 2)

Welcome to day 15 of Blogmas! Today we’ll continue looking at the 5 steps of The Goal Getter {mini} Academy (GGmA) in preparation for the New Year.  In day 14’s blogmas post we covered steps 1-3 – finding your purpose, setting your goals and gaining confidence – check out the full post here.  Today we’ll continue with steps 4 and 5. Step 4:   Taking action You’ve thought aboutContinue reading “Blogmas Day 15: New Year’s Resolutions for Clerks (Part 2)”

Blogmas Day 14: New Year’s Resolutions for Clerks (Part 1)

Welcome to day 14 of Blogmas! Today we’ll be looking ahead to the New Year and looking at how to set and follow through on our goals for 2022.  Back in the summer of 2021 I created The Goal Getter {mini} Academy (GGmA).  This 5 step workbook works through everything from broadening your mindset andContinue reading “Blogmas Day 14: New Year’s Resolutions for Clerks (Part 1)”

Blogmas Day 13: Spotlight on New Governors

Welcome to day 13 of Blogmas! Today’s post is focusing on new Governors and how to ensure they are properly inducted to the Governing Body (but can also be used/adapted for Trustees of academy trusts). New Governor Protocol Your Governing Body should think about their induction protocol for new Governors prior to appointment to ensureContinue reading “Blogmas Day 13: Spotlight on New Governors”

Blogmas Day 12: Top Tips for Company Secretaries

Welcome to day 12 of Blogmas! The final countdown is on for the end of term……. but Blogmas will continue right up until 24th December!  Today we’ll be having a quick look at the role of a Company Secretary and sharing some top tips. What exactly is a Company Secretary? Traditionally (and in the corporate/legalContinue reading “Blogmas Day 12: Top Tips for Company Secretaries”

Blogmas Day 11: Spotlight on GIAS

Welcome to day 11 of Blogmas! Today’s post is a spotlight on Get Information About Schools aka GIAS. GIAS is an online DfE register of schools and colleges in England. You can search for and download information on establishments, establishment groups (such as a local authority, trust or federation) or governors. It is a statutoryContinue reading “Blogmas Day 11: Spotlight on GIAS”

Blogmas Day 10: Meeting Prep for the Spring Term

Welcome to day 10 of Blogmas!  We’re now over halfway through the 2021 Blogmas series so I thought today we’d look ahead and start forward planning for the spring term. Suggested standing items: Welcome, apologies, declarations of interest Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising Headteacher/CEO report – to include attendance, staffing, school developmentContinue reading “Blogmas Day 10: Meeting Prep for the Spring Term”

Blogmas Day 9: The Clerks’ Annual Planner – New Product for 2022!

Welcome to day 9 of Blogmas!  I hope you’re finding the posts useful so far – we’ve covered a lot of information, most of which I hope you’ve taken snippets from then tucked away to refer to at a later date.  Believe me when I say I know all about feeling overwhelmed with information, whichContinue reading “Blogmas Day 9: The Clerks’ Annual Planner – New Product for 2022!”